The MRCGP Exam


We encourage Registrars to take this exam which is virtually essential to a career as a GP. 

The DRC takes its focus from the MRCGP exam syllabus, and will help you in your preparations. 

The structure of the exam is introduced to new GPRs at the beginning of each term. 


Often registrars find the amount of attention dedicated to topics such as self awareness, ethics and problem patients in groups rather disconcerting, and perhaps a distraction from the serious task of “hitting the textbooks”. However, we draw your attention to the examination blueprint on the Aims and Objectives of the DRC page. A considerable emphasis is rightly placed on such topics in the exam.

Registrars usually work together in private study groups to prepare for the exam.

There are two College examiners amongst the Course Organisers and trainers. 

Recommended courses

I recommend that you take a look at which is the leading online learning resource. Many GPRs use the site in preparation for the MRCGP and Summative Assessment.

They have specialist courses comprising of thousands of questions, many based on past exam topics.

They also offer a very popular 'Question of the day' feature which I'm sure you will find useful.

The link for their MRCGP area is:

Also, I can recommend Dr Una Coles's MRCGP Courses at the RCGP in London. Her students have an admirably high pass rate. See

Another good course is the MRCGP course is run by Dr Nigel Giam. He is Course Organiser for the South London Faculty and North and West London Faculty RCGP. He runs his MRCGP preparation course at the RCGP. See for more information.

Also, a regional MRCGP preparation course is held twice a year and aims to cater both for these at the beginning of the registrar year (long term preparation) and those due to take the exam soon (exam technique). 

These courses usually occur in January and June - details available at Dept of GP or Wessex faculty of the RCGP.  In addition, we also run a series of courses in Bath to help with MRCGP preparation.

The modules

The MRCGP exam now consists of four modules,

  • two written

  • one oral

  • one video (or simulated surgery). 

These can be taken together or separately over a two year period.  The regulations are labyrinthine!!

What to do next

We strongly recommend that you download or send for the instruction booklet for the MRCGP exam as soon as possible.

It is available from the RCGP, 14 Princes Gate, Hyde Park, London  SW7 1PU

Website: The Royal College of General Practitioners

Telephone: 0171 581 3232

This details the preparation needed for the exam and the complicated time-tabling, which has a habit of changing frequently!

Pre-requisites for entry to the MRCGP exam include a large cheque and certification of competence in Child Health Surveillance and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. 


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Last update: 01 October 2006

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